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Surprising victory at Munich Classic 2021 vintage car race

The day began unpromisingly with clouds and light rain until the sun finally broke through after lunch while visiting Tegernsee.

A great tour, a wonderful driver, my friend Johann K. Hölzl and then a short detour to the Concours Tegernsee, which is taking place at the same time, and at the end then the surprise - victory in the 1st special stage, thanks to Johann.

And it was also the 20th birthday of my loyal companion, a Jaguar XJ V8 LWB, which I bought from the British Embassy in Berlin in 2003.

Many thanks to the organizers,,

my dear friend Johann Hölzl from Cafe Hölzl, - what a driver and car!

the Concours Tegernsee

and the many nice drivers in their wonderful, all of them award-worthy vehicles.


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