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FCC demands more possibilities to locate victims for 911 first responders

As reported in the press, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC, USA) issued a proposal to help first responders to better locate 911 callers. Cellular providers will have to provide a vertical location of the caller from April 2021 on, if the requirements would go into effect. The aim of FCC is to modernize emergency call systems in the US.

SwiftAlarm! United States Patent Lifecircles

At present wireless service providers are already required to provide 911 call centers with a "dispatchable location" such as a street address or apartment number. As a result, first responders still find it difficult to locate people's calls inside e.g. a multi-storey builidings or a hotel.

„Locating people in bulidings at height is difficult to solve technically“, says Dr. Rudolf King, founder of the app-based SwiftAlarm! emergency call system. He has already recognized the problem in 2014 and is less technically concerned. This is why he included the „Lifecircle“-Technology in the SwiftAlarm! app. Here users can specify places which they regularly visit, such as the apartment, the workplace, the fitness center, etc. The app inquires details such as the floor number or other relevant information for first aiders. If someone triggers the alarm in the SwiftAlarm! App, first aiders get an exact information, where they can find the person in danger with high propability. In a second step, first responders have the possibility to match the mac addresses to verify the location.

SwiftAlarm! already patented (number: US 9,736,630 ) the „Lifecircle“-Technology, which might already be the answer to the demands of FCC. The patented SwiftAlarm! App is available for free in all app stores.

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