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"Finding beauty in art and finding beauty in life. If there is one" raison d'etre "in life - that's the one.


I have a very distinct taste, so I do not accept the opinion of others about art. I am not an art historian. But I pity anyone who never fell in love with art.


Because in art you can fall in love as often as you like, and like in life - for your own sake do not squander your love to just anyone. But unlike life: fall in love as often as you like to the things that you really love. I never ask myself why do I love this piece of art (even though, very often I find childhood or adolescencs's memories somewhere hidden).


Worst in my opinion are the art collectors or gallery owners who tell me about future price upswing potential. Usually that is enough to push me away from liking a piece of art. I want to be with the art I buy, I want to look at her and just know I have her with me. Forever.

Do not tell me about the time I let her go, as you would think about divorce settlements when you find the woman of your dreams. If you love art, learn to understand art, learn what art you like, be open to new things and close yourself against what you do not like. After all, it is your art, your own concept of beauty.


And you know what: It is so beautiful. "

Dr Rudolf King has been collecting art since 1994. His collection consists mainly of oil paintings and sculptures. Since 2017 he also collects british and french vintage cars.

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