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As people keep asking what being a libertarian means, here are a few explanations.

Libertarians follow a philosophy that was largely defined by the Russian-born American author and philosopher Ayn Rand.


We are not on the left and we are not on the right. Our head is in the middle and above, and this shows us that there is no room in the head for left and right determinations, but that pure intellect should prevail.


Morally we represent the philosophy that every person should (be allowed) to lead his own life
after and in his own, rational self-interest.


There should be no slavery, submission, violence among people, only the exchange of goods and services according to free will and under the laws of supply and demand.


Politically, we support and demand a government that enables each individual to do so.

My dearest and most important book:
The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand

immediately followed by Intelligent Investor, Version 1949, by Benjamin Graham
and then
Atlas Shrugged ("The Strike"), Ayn Rand.

You can find more information here : there especially

and to the author Ayn Rand

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