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"We filed 25 patents so far and lost only 3 of them - that is a rare achievement; There are few individuals with that number and
the number of lost patents is miniscule. Not because I am somehow overly bright.

I am not.
I just think longer.
Tenacity perhaps.
If your ax is small, you must keep on sharpening it and throbbing it in the tree, this one tree you have chosen, until the tree cannot but fall and become yours. "

(Dr King, Esq. Entrepreneur interview, Vienna, June 2017)

"Do I belive in building monopolies by patents? If there was no possibility to build a monopoly, I would play a different game."
Dr King, OCON, Las Vegas 2015)

"I love it when the state of the art report comes in and 3 out of 5 patents defining the state of the art in the mPERS field are mine." (Dr King, Munich, 2017)

Patents IP Protection per 10 01 2018-1
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Brasilianische Anmeldung
DR.KING Patente
DR.KING Patente
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