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Hands support

Hands support.

They may shake out a pillow. They give food and caress a cheek, for comfort or congratulations. They wake someone up, they put him or her to bed. They help get dressed, play Monopoly, and help you up the 3 steps to a doctor's office.

Hands hold, support, help, care, cook, caress. They give strength and love.

They may be hands of a mother, a father, a sister, a brother. They are always hands of a daughter and a son.

Hands that don't expect rewards, but deserve them nonetheless.

Respect them not only when they help you one day. You can thank them today for what they will do for you.

Such are the hands of a caregiver, a caretaker, a nurse.

Thanks from us


We are very happy, that nurse Maggie, originally from New Zealand has joined our team today.

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