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Visit to the Harutunian family´s hazienda in the Canary Islands

With great honor I accepted the invite to the birthday of my mentor and fatherly friend, Noel Harutunian, the founder of the namesake family office in Spain.

Even the journey was an experience, in the cold, clear air we could see the mountains crystal clear.

For certain reasons I am not allowed to show photos of his house and the Hazienda on the Canary Islands and of the participants of our meetings, but some experiences cannot be captured in photos, anyway. The hacienda alone, whose 100+ hectares are adorned with hundreds of thousands of flowers and looked after by several janitors and other staff, towering over the city, was worth the trip.

In addition, the sight of the erupting volcano in Las Palmas, which we could see on the last day before our departure is unforgettable, a tragic natural spectacle, and at the same time beautiful.

I can only advise anyone who has just started out in business like I once did to find a mentor who speaks so honestly and directly and always means you well. I would never wish for a father other than the one I had, but Noel Harutunian deserves a worthy second place among the most important men of my life.


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