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Amazing days in Erevan

It is always a pleasure to travel to the people of Erevan, Armenia.

A country where there is not a drop of oil in the soil. No diamonds, no gold, copper, nothing, was a man who was considered to be legitimate.

And yet belongs this country has the greatest wealth, one can hope for:

People with education, people with goals.

And everyone with will to achieve something.

What was most striking this time : The 105th anniversary of the Armenian genocide is approaching. How will it be commemorated: By bringing 105 pianos to Armenian schools, through donations. A promise for the future, stemming from the horrors of the past.

That is why this country , may it be very small on the map, is truly big.

My next trip to Armenia - in July - is already booked.

Thank you my team, Armenian programmers are the best!



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