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My Simca-FACEL : Winner Concours d´Elegance Tegernsee 2020

My 1959 Simca-FACEL: Winner Concours d'Elegance Tegernsee 2020

Simca Aronde Plein Ciel from 1959:

when a car was built by FACEL for Simca, designed by design genius John Daninos,

and this car was formerly owned by actress Danielle Darrieux,

and you will be accompanied by the enchanting Rachel, who traveled from Portugal, by my side

- what should go wrong ?

At the 3rd Concours d'Elegance Tegernsee 2020, which took place in the Hotel Bachmaier am See, not only did we win the "best of overall style" award, but were also photographed particularly often by several magazines and the organizer. Sometimes I felt like an aging model, the beauty of the company and the car rubbed off.

Es war eine wahre Freude, und viele neue Freundschaften wurden geformt.

Mehr zur Veranstaltung :

2021 gerne wieder !


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