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FFF and anti-Semitism - while Israel is attacked by 1,600 rockets

Left-wing fascism rears its ugly face quite openly, under the disguise of a green agenda.

Fridays for future loves Hamas because it puts the collective above all individuals. Only the Koran is important, only the green agenda is important, both to which the individual has to subdue itself, what is the difference? FFF wants the submission of individuals to the collective, just like Hamas. Only the pretended reason is different.

Yet, there seems to be a bright spot: when 1,600 rockets are fired by Hamas, more of which hit their own area due to inability than reach the planned target due to a highly Israely intelligent protection system called AirDome, then you know why intelligence triumphs over stupid brutality - and righteously so.

A shame that there is still no airdome to ward off the stupidity of the German electoral cattles.

"A year older,

try to blame Israel for that. "(Emo Phillips)


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