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To battle senior citizens´ loneliness : Christmas stories on Instagram @FLEXXI_Care

Christmas stories (in German) on Instagram FLEXXI_Care.

Every Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Caregiving is not just about washing and cooking and helping to get dressed. Conversations, company and sometimes just plain reading are also part of conversations. And at Dr. King Academia, Dr. King Pflege and FLEXXI Care we see caregiving not only as a job, but also as a calling and thus a duty and feel privileged to be allowed to care for people.

At the moment we at FLEXXI Care - because it is too dangerous and even forbidden in some states- cannot offer entertainment in nursing homes and old people's homes, and many old and sick people get lonely because, for understandable reasons, they do not want to expose themselves to the risk of corona.

We have therefore decided to read until January 5th Christmas and winter stories to them.

It doesn't cost anything and is supposed to let the light shine in a very dark time.

Good luck, and stay healthy.


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